A treasure bequeathed by millions of years of evolution in Phu Yen- Vietnam

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A central province of Vietnam, Phu Yen is known to have great potentials to develop its tourism thanks to beautiful beaches, bay, lagoon, but Phu Yen has not reached the attention of Vietnamese tour operators and international tourists yet. Phu Yen is about 400km from from Danang and 120km from Nha Trang city so if you travel Vietnam by road, one night stay in Phu Yen can be a good idea to explore this picturesque city.

Life here is laid back, with all the attractions of a seaside fishing village to enjoy — fabulous fresh seafood and relaxing on the sands under the tropical sun, plus excursions inland to walk up the gently sloped mountains for gaining a bird’s eye view of this peaceful province.
Bai Xep has become one of Phu Yen’s iconic tourist attractions. Phu Yen is the first point on the Vietnamese mainland to welcome the sun every morning

Bai Xep is surrrounded by the Ganh Ong (Ong Reef) and the Ganh Ba (Ba Reef) with two long beaches on each side. The place still remains relatively pristine, surrounded by casuarina equisetifolia, a tree that commonly grows in coastal habitats with white sands and cacti.

The rocks here have been polished by seawater and climate change, and carry a resplendent shine.

Phu Yen Province


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